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3 easy tips to stay on top of your nutritional goals

The benefits of a healthy diet go beyond physical appearance.

The benefits of a healthy diet go beyond physical appearance. A nutritious diet, supported by a healthy lifestyle, helps us thrive both mentally and physically. Whether you’re trying to hit a certain physical goal or are seeking to manage a medical condition, below are three easy tips to stay on top of your nutrition.

Read your labels
Food labels are more than just a tool to count calories. They also allow us to track ingredients and macronutrients. That’s especially important if you have allergies or food restrictions because of a medical condition such as kidney disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. Read labels carefully and count your macronutrients so you don’t go over your nutritional limits.

Cook for the week ahead
Busy lives make it hard for us to cook daily. Luckily, many recipes are easy to make ahead of time and store in the fridge or freezer. One evening a week try batch cooking a couple of recipes, cutting up veggies for your salads and making an easy snack to grab on the go like eggplant and chickpea bites. Having a few of your meals ready for the week ahead will cut down cooking time and help keep your nutrition on track.

Make a plan and stick to it
When we’re at a loss for what to eat, we tend to grab the first thing we see or cave into cravings. In both cases, we tend to stray from nutritional goals. To prevent that, consider creating a structured meal plan to help you avoid impulse eating and make cooking time less stressful. If you struggle to plan ahead, look for online tools that can make it simpler, like the Kidney Community Kitchen meal planner. It has a variety of recipes that take the stress out of planning a kidney-healthy diet. It’s also a solid tool to track macronutrients and ensure you’re staying within your nutritional limits.

However you plan your food, remember that physical activity should always accompany a healthy diet for an overall healthy lifestyle.

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