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Missing Albums

Hi there,
This is a complete and total long shot, but I thought I’d give it a try and maybe a miracle may happen.

I’d say approximately 5 years ago (give or take) my in laws lived in Turner Valley. They had a lot of their stuff stored at a storage facility - I’m assuming the one in Black Diamond. I believe what happened was someone paid them a lump sum and bought everything in their storage facility when they moved away, but what they didn’t realize at the time, and what’s devastated them, is that they had all of their family photo albums in there. My husband is obviously upset as we now have a son and he has no pictures of himself as a baby. I know this is not likely to go anywhere - but maybe the person that bought the items is on here and maybe kept the photo albums safe?? Thought it wouldnt hurt to ask. If the story sounds familiar, you can message me and we can chat. Their last name was Puffer as well.

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