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Obeying rules would help on Highway 7 and 16th St.

Dear Editor,

As a driver who has regularly used the intersection on Highway 7 and 16th St. W. since its original construction, I have some observations.

I agree, it is not a well-planned intersection but that does not make it dangerous. The only danger is the attitude of the drivers using the intersection. Wherever I drive there are very few drivers who comply with the road signs. 

In town where drivers have a left turn arrow there are still cars turning when the opposite light is green. The turn arrow must be off! At Highway 7 I have seen vehicles ignore the stop sign and turn right without stopping. I guess they say, “There’s nothing coming, I don’t have to stop!”

Another problem is that when entering the highway, turning east, you are entering a fast lane (100km/hr, some faster) not a merge lane. Within seconds a vehicle can be on your tail even though it was not in sight when starting to turn. Reducing the speed limit on the approach to the intersection might work if the drivers decide to obey the signs.

Traffic lights are not the answer. We have numerous intersections where there are lights and we still have collisions causing injuries. It all comes down to drivers being more considerate and paying attention to the rules of the road. Wherever one drives there is speeding, ignoring the rules and taking dangerous risks to save 10 seconds. Consequences for infractions need to be more severe even to taking away the privilege to drive for a period of time.

Maybe that will work,

Richard Ellum



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