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EDITORIAL: Government must heed what it hears on front lines

Livingstone-Macleod MLA Chelsae Petrovic tasked with consulting frontline workers during government efforts to refocus health care. 
Livingstone-Macleod MLA Chelsae Petrovic has been named parliamentary secretary for health workforce engagement.

It seems like an unnecessary exercise, but if it improves the health care system, and the plight of those toiling in it, then it will be worthwhile. 

Chelsae Petrovic, the MLA for Livingstone-Macleod, was named parliamentary secretary for health workforce engagement by Premier Danielle Smith last week. The rookie UCP member is being tasked to work with Health Minister Adriana LaGrange to consult with frontline workers during government efforts to refocus health care. 

Petrovic is well suited to take on the role as she has over 13 years of experience as a licensed practical nurse, so from that perspective, it’s a good choice, but if this government doesn’t already know what’s happening on the front lines of health care, then we’ve got bigger problems than a consultation process can fix. 

Doctors, nurses, paramedics and others within the health system haven’t been shy about sharing their thoughts with the UCP government, so it would seem an undertaking to give voice to frontline workers is redundant. 

What’s missing isn’t input from health care workers, but rather the will of government to do something about it, its ongoing reorganization efforts of the ministry notwithstanding. It’s up to this government to create an environment where health professionals want to practice their craft, which will lead to enough boots on the ground to accommodate a growing population. 

During the announcement of this engagement process, LaGrange said Petrovic would bring an important perspective to the table, and as a nurse she most certainly will, but at the end of the day, it’s not so much what she hears that matters, it’s what the government does with that input. 

Frontline workers have been making themselves heard for years, yet the system seems to be getting worse, not better. Let’s hope the feedback Petrovic receives in her role will lead to meaningful change. 

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