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EDITORIAL: Help police ‘capture’ crime in Okotoks

The Alberta RCMP’s CAPTURE program, which has now been rolled out in Okotoks, means shopkeepers and residents can do their part to combat crime.
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Here’s an opportunity to help make your community a little safer. 

The Alberta RCMP’s CAPTURE program, which uses security cameras at homes and businesses to assist in police investigations, has now been rolled out in Okotoks, which means shopkeepers and residents can do their part to combat crime. The program requires next to no effort on the part of those with security cameras, but has the potential to pay significant dividends for police.  

Basically, if you have one or more cameras on your property, you can register them with police, which might be all you ever do in connection with the program, however should something happen in your neighbourhood, police are able to turn to the program’s database of cameras to see if any are situated where they might be able to provide evidence. 

Footage from these cameras can assist in investigations for everything from break-ins to stolen vehicles to assaults and more. The greater number of property owners signed up for the program, the better tool it becomes for police as it increases the chances that a security camera captured something of consequence. 

Rather than having to canvass an area in search of video footage, the program lets police know exactly where cameras — or at least some of them — are located, which expedites investigations and leads to better outcomes. 

Registering cameras with the program not only helps police track down criminals after the fact, but it also acts as a deterrent given the more eyes, at least of the electronic nature, keeping watch, the less likely an offence is going to occur. It's also the neighbourly thing to do as footage from your camera could help with a case next door or down the block. 

Many community members have expressed a desire to help police keep the place where they live and work as safe as possible, and the CAPTURE program provides them with a simple, but effective, way to do just that. 

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