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LETTER: Calgarian happy to make the trade for Okotoks' deer

Come live in the big city where the hoodlums and the homeless are a constant problem.
A deer crosses at a marked crosswalk on McRae Street in downtown Okotoks.

Dear Editor, 

Re: Dirty, dangerous deer need to go, Nov. 15 

I wish to comment on Ted Davis’s letter regarding the deer problem he claims in Okotoks. 

What part of wildlife does he not understand? Avoid them, leave them alone; yes, they have become humanized because of people, but it is a simple matter of giving them space. 

I have the good fortune to work in Okotoks every day and, yes, I have had many close encounters with deer through town, and fortunately have not had any actual contact yet. 

What he doesn’t understand is how lucky he actually is to have this petty problem. Come live in the big city where the hoodlums and the homeless are a constant problem. Between all the shoot ’em ups and all the homeless encampments everywhere you look, it is leaving the population living in total fear and the city and the police cannot and will not do anything about it.  

On four separate occasions in the past two years, the homeless have set up camps behind garages in my area, and in one case the police dismantled one of these, to leave the homeowner to clean up human waste, articles of clothing, broken furniture, drug apparatus, rotten food, etc. 

People are living in constant fear of these people vandalizing, breaking into property and setting fires. So, Mr. Davis, boo hoo to your deer problem. If you want to trade, we will gladly take them, and you can have our homeless and our gang members. 

Bill Gess 


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