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LETTER: Diamond Valley applauded for resisting deer cull

Killing animals as a quick fix is not the solution.
SA-Deer BWC 9037 web

Dear Editor, 

When there are issues with animals, often insensitive fools out there, their first response is to kill. We have taken many wildlife's habitat but dare they get in our way or eat some of our garden lettuce. 

I applaud Craig Beaton, operations manager for the Town of Diamond Valley, who refuses any idea of a cull for the deer. Good man! 

One can purchase marigold flowers that deter the deer from eating up gardens; also chicken wire can help keep them out if gardens are your concern.   

Killing animals as a quick fix is not the solution. What happened to kindness to all God’s creations? What happened to living in harmony with animals, especially considering we have taken up so much of their habitat with continual and often needless overdevelopment and greed (as is the case in Cochrane)?

Let the animals be. We may, if open, learn some wonderful life lessons from them. God bless the animals. 

Norene Procter 


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