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LETTER: Feedlot stench almost unbearable in High River

The rancid stench is so disgusting I don't feel like eating. 
NEWS- Rimrock Feeders RK 5013WEB
Rimrock Feeders in Foothills County, west of High River on Aug. 27, 2022.

Dear Editor, 

Fellow Albertans, have you been getting some of the stench in Okotoks from the Rimrock Feeders feedlot? We have been getting it a lot in High River.  

When the rancid stench rolls in, it is almost unbearable. It seeps into my house and suffice to say, I won't need to go on a diet this year because it is so disgusting I don't feel like eating. 

The reason why it is so bad is they plan on putting in a biodigester and so have installed concrete pens. They will be using the waste from the cattle plus 15 to 20 trucks per day of more organic waste. 

So, in order to create something they feel is green there will be thousands of trucks travelling to Rimrock every year. Does that make sense? 

The plans include a 20-acre effluent pond, so when the wind blows from the south towards Okotoks, it's going to be bad. When it blows towards HIgh River, it already is bad and the effluent pond is not even there yet. 

This whole operation creates a large number of questions: 

• What happens to the aquifer as this pond seeps down into the ground? 

• Rimrock is going to use huge amounts of water, so what happens to High River's drinking water supply? 

• What happens if we have another perfect storm and the manure and effluent wash down and into the Highwood River? 

• What are the health effects of all of this stench? 

• What about mosquitoes? A giant cesspool like that can only be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

If you are suffering from the stench, please call ERCB at 1-866-383-6722. If you are concerned about having this project in your backyard, please write the premier at [email protected]

For more information, go to 

Laurel Reed-Groves 

High River 

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