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LETTER: NDP accomplishments make a short list

Increase in provincial debt among NDP's accomplishments during a disastrous four years in power.

Dear Editor, 

Re: Unrest with UCP growing in many sectors, May 29 

Thank you to Gordon Petersen for his letter to the editor. There he pointed to the recent protest activity targeting the UCP. It should have our attention.  

It has highlighted a few things we should remember from the last time the NDP governed in Alberta, maybe including the decline in public school performance, decline in healthcare outcomes and the increase in excess of $68 billion in provincial debt.  

Somehow the NDP government also found it suitable for adult males, self-declared as women, to be permitted in the same washroom as teenage girls. How could that possibly turn out badly? 

Perhaps it would be a better idea to list the accomplishments of the NDP during those disastrous four years. I will do that now. 


Jim Kyle 


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