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LETTER: Win-win solutions to living with deer

Adopting a dog or two from Okotoks’ Pound Rescue will keep the deer away and help you stay healthy in the process.
A group of mule deer lounge in front of a building in Okotoks.

Dear Editor, 

Re: Deer shouldn’t be comfortable in proximity to humans, March 20 

Jim Nelson’s tone suggests an outdated concept that humans should have dominion over everything in our path. And anything that gets in our way should give way. 

He also purports to understand what deer are thinking, in terms of their sense of entitlement. I have to wonder if he’s had the opportunity to conduct a Vulcan (not the town) ‘mind meld’ with any of these haunting menaces?  

I have a few win-win suggestions for him and anyone else who wishes to “happily kill one (of the deer) with my bare hands.” 

First of all, don’t try it — you’ll end up in a hospital (not sure which one), or worse yet, dropped off by cab at a local ‘medicine motel.’ But don’t worry, Premier Danielle Smith or ministers Adriana LaGrange/Jason Nixon will cover the bill. 

Second, adopt a dog or two, preferably from Okotoks’ Pound Rescue, which posts adorable mutts in need of a compassionate caregiver in this paper weekly. I can assure you from personal experience with our two fur buddies over the past two and half years that the deer – and us – give each other plenty of mutually respectful leeway.  

Third, the daily dog walk – heck, make it two or three times per day – will fulfill Livingstone-Macleod MLA Chelsae Petrovic’s healthcare advice, per the Calgary Herald: “Maybe the reason you had a heart attack was because you haven’t taken care of yourself… (and then) come into the hospital and all of a sudden it’s everyone else’s problem.” 

Problems averted and solved, for humans and animals alike. Win-win.   

Gordon Petersen 


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