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Foothills County: Notice of Intention


Foothills County Council has agreed to accept bids to license/lease
the Municipal Reserve Parcel located SE 32 22-03 W5M;
Plan 071 1951 Block 2 Lot 13MR containing 12.34 +/- acres (See map)

Public Access will not be denied.


Municipal Reserve Parcel is marked.

All bids for Municipal Reserves are to include the following:

• Bid amount - minimum bid for MR parcels $250
(Refer to the Fee Schedule Bylaw 58/2022 - Schedule E for full details)

• Purpose of licence/lease (maintenance/haying)

• Proposed Management Plan (weed control)

• Proposed term of licence/lease

• Legal Land Description of Municipal Reserve

• Legal Land Description and Rural Address of the Foothills County
Landowner submitting bid

Bids will be accepted by email until June 2, 2023 @ 12 pm local time,
after which the submissions will be brought to Council for a final
decision. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Submissions to be emailed to [email protected]
Please contact Johanna Kortenschyl-Allan at (403) 603-6244 with
any inquiries.