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Badger Electrical: Empowering Independence Through Solar Energy

The future sees Badger Electrical continuing to grow, support the community and help property owners gain electrical bill independence through the many benefits of solar energy.

Badger Electrical Management Inc’s founder and owner, Sean Kent, practices what he preaches. He is on a mission to help others save money and run greener, leaner homes and businesses through the affordable, accessible reality of solar energy. In addition to helping property owners convert to solar, Badger is the one to call for all your commercial, industrial and agricultural electrical needs.

Sean took his training to become a certified electrician after graduating from high school, and he opened Badger Electrical in 2013.

“I love it,” he says of his work. “One thing I enjoy the most is helping others gain independence from their electricity bills by switching to solar. I have solar on my property and it nets me credits almost every month. This means we are making money off our solar electricity, and we want to help others do the same.”

There is a good reason why solar energy is gaining traction so quickly among property owners.

Sean explains, “The cost of solar has fallen a lot over the last few years. Since 2010, solar is 64% more affordable for residential properties and 69% more affordable for commercial properties. This means a lot more return on investment for an incredibly efficient system. If you have solar energy in your home or on your farm, you don’t have to worry about electricity price spikes, and you can make money off your solar panels with energy credits instead of charges.”

Many people wonder if Alberta, with its short winter days, is suitable for solar energy. Sean assures that this location is more than ideal.

“Southern Alberta,” he says, “is known as the solar Goldilocks zone because we get so much sun, but we also have a low average annual temperature. Electricity flows better in the cold, so a cold plus sunny day? Perfect. This is why you are seeing a lot more solar farms going up, as people realize the cost savings and earning potential.”

In addition to cost savings, the Government of Canada has additional incentives for homeowners looking to switch to solar. For example, the Greener Homes Grant puts up to $5,000 back in homeowners’ pockets and offers an interest free loan of up to $40,000.

Solar also protects you against rising cost of electricity. If you are producing your own electricity you are protected from spikes in prices. In fact, the higher the price goes up, the more you earn! There is an article on about this very thing.

Sean and his team are happy to answer questions you have about switching to solar, and happy to help with your other electrical needs.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service,” smiles Sean. A lot of our business comes from return customers. As a small business we are active, agile and highly responsive to our client’s needs. Personally, I love meeting new people and building up the customer relations side of the business. Our goal is to be the go-to electrical service provider in the region and to continue to educate people about the many benefits of solar.”

For two consecutive years, Badger had won Starthmore’s Best Electrical Contractor in the annual Readers’ Choice awards.

“For our ongoing success I thank our great team, long-term clients and potential future clients,” says Sean.

The future sees Badger Electrical continuing to grow, support the community and help property owners gain electrical bill independence through the many benefits of solar energy. Learn more about Badger Electrical online and on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also check out Solar Alberta for a whole lot more information.

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