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Okotoks Welcomes Dr. Dewald Jurgens

The highly rated clinic of Dr. Simon James changes ownership this April when Dr. James retires. Taking over the practice is Dr. Dewald Jurgens, an experienced practitioner of general, family and emergency medicine. In 2010, Dr. Jurgens moved to Canada from South Africa.


“I am a physician with 19 years’ experience,” explains Dr. Jurgens. “I hold a Fellowship in functional medicine with a special interest in cardiac, diabetic and blood pressure treatment and prevention. I miss my roots from South Africa daily, but wanted to provide a more stable and safer environment for my family.”

Dr. Jurgens is passionate about his practice and enjoys helping people while also educating them on positive steps to prevent disease and maintain good health.

“It was back in high school when I decided to practice medicine. To me, the diversity in family medicine is very attractive. You can have a newborn one visit and the next visit be managing a terminally ill patient – and everything in between.”

His clinic will offer a variety of services focused on family medical care. Services will also include Botox for cosmetics and therapeutic reasons, intravenous vitamins, aviation medicals, and WCB and driver’s medicals.

Dr. Jurgens continues, “While the focus of the practice is as mentioned above, another service I am planning to add is functional medicine, especially as relates to cardiac health, hypertension and diabetes. I have worked in emergency rooms in South Africa, Ireland and here in Canada. All over the world, the situation is the same. Once a patient presents to the ER, typically we see a disease process underway and we are trying to manage that in an acute setting. It will be far better to prevent that disease in the first place, or at least slow it down significantly. We don't just want to manage symptoms, but to treat the human body as it is – a complex system that is interconnected.”

Outside of the clinic, you’ll find Dr. Jurgens being an active member of the community. He and his wife have three sons, and he enjoys fly fishing when the opportunity is available. Dr. Jurgens is also passionate about supporting Mercy Ships, a charity hospital ship that does free medical work and surgeries in the poorest countries in Africa.

He is also proud to help Okotoks locals through his experience as a doctor and a resident of the community.

“It is a nice feeling to make someone feel better,” he concludes.  “Sometimes it's with medication, sometimes it’s just a kind word.”

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