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Rhonda L. Anderson: Fully Engaged as Your Local Realtor

The support of her friends and family, along with her work ethic, empowers her to thrive as a Realtor.

During International Women’s Month, OkotoksTODAY is celebrating women that are making a difference in our local business and community landscapes. Meet Rhonda L. Anderson from Century 21 Foothills Real Estate and Alberta Land.

Rhonda L. Anderson, Real Estate Associate, has been helping homeowners find and sell properties since 1998, after moving to Alberta and falling in love with the province.

“We had been looking to move to Alberta,” says Anderson. “During our search we were shown around by a couple of agents and it looked like a good change. They were good agents and professional. At that time I was a logging truck driver, lowbed truck driver and an equipment operator. Driving off highway was scary some days, so I wanted to switch careers after the move.” She laughs, I also wanted to wear dress clothes and drive a nice clean pickup!”

The support of her friends and family, along with her work ethic, empowers her to thrive as a Realtor.

“My family and friends’ support and belief in me, and someone loaning me the initial investment to promote myself to get started, are key factors in my success. I also found a broker that believed I could do it with the background that I brought to the table,” she says. “I have been with the same broker for 24.5 years, which, in this business, is a very good record.

“Additional contributing factors include hard work, dedication, passion and giving that little extra bit of service each time.” She smiles, “When you love your job and what you do, it shows.”

She is also a horsewoman. Owning horses helps her be an ideal fit for clients seeking land or properties for a suitable fit.

It can be difficult, however, to maintain work/life balance; but that doesn’t stop Anderson from making it work!

“The most challenging thing is making family time when the market is busy,” she admits. “It’s a challenge to get through a birthday party or a quick getaway without being called back to work or having to leave the event to take a call. That is why I love that I can make my own hours as best I can. I have the ability to do some of the office work from home. I also love that I have met so many great and precious friends through real estate and those friendships are still going strong.”

When she’s not evaluating properties, Anderson is busy in the community supporting a variety of causes and events.

“I support High River Ag Society’s Little Britches Rodeo & Junior Rodeo, 4-H, Rowan House Society, Alberta Children’s Hospital, Foothills Angels and many benefit auctions that support the local community,” she says.

She also enjoys spending quality time with her grandchildren and family, and with her horses.

What does being a woman in business mean to Anderson, and how does she inspire other women?

“I feel pride in my business and its accomplishments, and those past successes inspire me to carry on with a positive outlook to the future,” she says. “For women looking into entrepreneurship or community stewardship, I say just go for it! Don’t look back!  If you believe in yourself, you can do it. It is that simple. Don’t stop for anything – you’ve got this!”

Anderson is pleased to have been named a top agent in High River and to have won a CENTURION® Producer award in 2022.

“I am also very proud of the Centurions and various real estate awards that grace my office throughout the 24 years. That certainly gives me encouragement and drive each and every day,” she adds. My favourites, though, are the thank you photos from a group of 4-H kids after a sponsored award, or a thank you card from a family who appreciated the work you have done to get them their dream home, or a thank you from another agent who appreciated your team work. Those are very rewarding and helps to keep a person centered.

The future is exciting for Anderson.

“I’ll be upgrading my courses; I always like a refresher. I’m working towards more residential real estate and maintaining my ‘Fine Homes & Estates |Residential |Farm & Ranch’ reputation. I have some new things in the mix regarding real estate that I am super excited about!

What are those new things? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out! Visit Anderson’s websites (Century 21 and Alberta Land). Follow her socials on Facebook  and Instagram.