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Value and Experience are the Cornerstones of Direct Flooring

While Direct Flooring is known for its customer-facing service, Sam is equally passionate about ensuring a great working environment for his team and his installers.

Owner Sam Frankow is passionate about providing value to his customers and exceeding expectations.

Sam’s family has been in the flooring industry for more than 70 years. They have seen trends come and go, as well as products evolving. Sam has had plenty of experience in both managing and owning stores here in the Foothills. He uses his business, renovation and flooring knowledge to provide one-on-one service for you at Direct Flooring.

“My father was in the flooring trade since he was fifteen,” says Sam. “I started a little younger as a kid pushing a broom in the warehouse, learning products, then the books, working up my knowledge and experience. Now I’ve been doing this myself for more than 30 years.” He has always had a head for business, having opened his first retail location at 20.

Sam explains, “The whole concept behind Direct Flooring is value. I located the store just out of the city and between our two busiest centres of installation. Not only is that more convenient for our customers and installers, it lowers our operating costs, empowering us to pass those savings on to our clients.”

He continues, “We also buy direct (hence the name Direct Flooring) eliminating the need – and the markup – that you get with wholesalers. Again, we can pass these savings on to our customers. We can buy direct because of the longstanding relationships I have built with our vendors. Punching above our weight if you will.” Not having to order from a wholesaler with their sales staff, as you can guess, allows those savings to go back to the customers.

The savings are for everyone. “We welcome contractors and homeowners alike and do not offer tiered pricing. We don’t impose service fees. It’s one value-added price whether you are installing your basement or doing 12 developments a year. At Direct Flooring, you’ll get the same high end quality products in a modest showroom and warehouse in which to explore them. Pricing is based on volume, not a name on a card. “We do a lot of little things that add up to big savings. Take out all the samples and colors that are eye candy but not feasible, you’ll save half a regular stores showroom, and rent. Bring in the best value from each company, not everything they may also dabble in. Using a carpet carousel saves another 500 sq/ft of warehouse that is unusable to cut and stack carpet the old way. Saves 1000sq/ft cost right there.”

While Direct Flooring is known for its customer-facing service, Sam is equally passionate about ensuring a great working environment for his team and his installers.

“We are proud of our high caliber of people,” says Sam. “We are fortunate to attract experienced, family-oriented team members that treat the homes we work in as their own. I’m very grateful to each team member for helping to make Direct Flooring a success, from Mike in the store to boys on the floor.”

He also thanks his customers, community and family. “I’ve been fortunate to learn from many people over the years, have challenging experiences that built my resiliency and to have worked alongside many wonderful people that have become part of the Direct Flooring family.”

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