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What Certifications Make the Best Windows & Doors in Alberta?

Installing new windows and doors of high quality for your next home renovation project is crucial if you seek maximum energy efficiency and long-term savings. 

But how do you choose the best replacement windows in Alberta? Start by asking your potential installer what certifications and ratings your preferred units have, and let them show you all the energy specifications particular models offer.

In this post, Ecoline Windows & Doors experts will guide you through all the certifications your new products must have to get the maximum out of your replacement project in 2022-2023.

Energy Star-rated Windows & Doors

This one is crucial if you want to be sure that your windows or doors correspond to the national energy standards, qualify for government rebates and are just quality units that bring you comfort.

When homeowners buy such Energy Star-certified windows and doors, they can be confident that these products have been tested to meet current industry standards by an accredited laboratory. Moreover, an independent third party verified such test results to double-check on correspondence to set energy specifications.

All replacement casement windows (and other models), exterior doors and patio doors sold in Canada may be certified for energy performance by any of these accredited agencies:

  • CSA Group (CSA)
  • Intertek Testing Services NA (ITS)
  • Labtest Certifications
  • Keystone Certifications, Inc.
  • Quality Auditing Institute Ltd. (QAI) 
  • National Accreditation and Management Institute, Inc. (NAMI)
  • The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)

Keep in mind that all windows and doors that ENERGY STAR® has approved must display its label. However, even if your window model has such a label, it doesn’t necessarily mean it meets all the required standards. Ask your window contractor to show you all the energy ratings and compliance standards.

How do they determine the energy specifications of your windows & doors?

All certified residential windows and doors in Alberta (and Canada overall) must meet or exceed precise U-value, Energy Rating and air-tight efficiency specifications to qualify as energy-efficient products.

  • U-Factor. This formula measures the heat transfer per time per area and degree of temperature. The maximum allowed number is 1.22.
  • Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). This ratio of solar heat gain to the incident solar radiation;
  • Air leakage. Determined the flow of air in and out of your home;
  • Energy rating (ER). This overall formula indicates the heat loss, air leakage and potential passive solar gain. The minimum energy rating for windows qualified as energy efficient is 34.

NAFS-11 Technical Certification

NAFS or North American Fenestration Standard, is used in Canada and the United States to test and assess the performance of your new windows, doors, and skylights.

NAFS is the window and door requirement of the National Building Code for residential housing. It requires window manufacturers to test and ultimately label products following the industry standard and ensure your replacement windows and doors are rated and certified to perform adequately in the area where they are being installed.

Few window manufacturers can say their products are NAFS-11 certified since certification to NAFS and the Canadian supplement is not required. But those companies that have undergone the NAFS-11 evaluation can proudly claim they offer the best products available on the Canadian market.

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