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Millarville 4H members show off new skills at Achievement Day

Friendly competition, good food and great sportsmanship shown at annual event for Millarville Mutts and Mustangs 4H Club.
Millarville Mutts and Mustangs 4H Club took part in friendly competition in a variety of events during the recent Achievement Day.

Achievement Day has just passed for the Millarville Mutts and Mustangs 4H Club.

It was a day to show off all the skills that we have been practising/learning for the past eight months. 

Achievement Day is similar to 4H On Parade in that it is a competition, but Achievement Day only includes club members. This awesome day entailed friendly competition, good food and great sportsmanship. 

Canine members competed in arena events, the archery project competed in shooting events, the sewing project displayed their artwork and the horse project participated in different riding and ground arena events. We all had lunch as a club afterwards.  

Coming to the end of the year record books were also due. If you don’t know what a record book is, allow me to break it down for you: Depending on the club, you’ll get an insert that includes club information, goals and events. After that insert, you will get a project insert, which includes pictures of your project, information on the project you have selected, budgets, training and care logs, and a place for a portfolio. 

A portfolio is a record book with a little extra. A member who chooses to do a portfolio must fill that optional section with pictures (dated), meeting agendas, public speaking comment cards and newspaper articles from the club. 

The record books are fun to complete and get creative with. You get the chance to sketch, draw, write and scrapbook. 

If this is something that interests you, 4H is always open for new members.

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