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Millarville members honing skills for 4H On Parade

Millarville Mutts and Mustangs are deep in preparation for annual province-wide event next month at Stampede Park.
Members of the Millarville Mutts and Mustangs have focused on four projects, including canine, in preparation for next month’s 4H On Parade at Stampede Park.

Now that we’re well into spring, the Millarville Mutts and Mustangs are deep in preparation for 4HOP (4H On Parade). 

For those new to 4H festivities, 4HOP is an amazing way for club members to compete, have fun and show off all the new skills they've learned from the year. 

The 4HOP is a wonderful way to bring communities and other clubs together. It is also a great way to draw closure to the end of the year and for members to say goodbye for the summer. 

This year, the Millarville Mutts and Mustangs, based out of the Millarville Racetrack, have focused on four club projects — horse, archery, canine and newly added sewing — skills they’ll put on display at the 2023 4HOP from June 1 to 4 at Stampede Park. 

One of the best parts about attending 4H On Parade is getting into the action and seeing Alberta culture truly come to life.  

Walking around the Stampede grounds, you’ll be impressed to see members with their animals, some getting their picture taken, while others wait excitedly in line to show off their animal. You will see people of all ages from all over Alberta gathered in small groups laughing and conversing with each other. 

The environment is positive and even though there is a competitive nature between members as they are competing against each other, everyone shows good sportsmanship and there is a maturity that comes with being in 4H and representing your club that is demonstrated in an individual's integrity. 

It is the 4H way to have a positive outlook on both winning and losing as well as being honest and kind about both. Members are expected to treat each other with equal respect in the competitive realm. 

If you are in Calgary in early June, I highly recommend coming down to the Stampede grounds to cheer on and support the youth of Alberta who have worked so hard this past year to present to you their work over the past 10 months.  

Club members vary in age, with some as young as nine to senior members, often with years of experience, all the way up to 21. 

The club is grateful to all donors and volunteers who have contributed in any way during the 2022-2023 season. Such support is fundamental for the continued growth and stability of the club.