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Mountie Moments: Public helps nab two impaired drivers

Turner Valley RCMP officers take pair of impaired drivers off the road thanks to reports from the public.
NEWS-RCMP detachment Turner Valley RK 0203 web
The Turner Valley RCMP detachment in Turner Valley on Monday, March 21, 2022. (Photo by Robert Korotyszyn/OkotoksTODAY)

Turner Valley RCMP Detachment’s Mountie Moments provide highlights from the past two weeks: 

• An impaired driver was taken off the road with an IRS suspension on Highway 2 on Jan. 25 resulting from a public complaint of erratic driving. The vehicle was also seized. 

• An impaired driver was taken off the road with an IRS suspension near Diamond Valley on Feb. 1 as a result of a member of the public report a suspected intoxicated person who drove into the ditch. The vehicle was also seized.  

• A fraud involving someone posing as a bank representative over the phone.  

• Be vigilant of a scam which is affecting farmers who are hiring a fraudulent company to transport hay. If you don’t know the company, please verify. 

• There have been two break and enters in the eastern portion of Foothills County. 

There has been an abundance of deer collisions in Foothills County this year, which brings up the question: When is it necessary to report a collision to police? 

The general rule of thumb is to report the collision if there is a major injury, it’s a hit and run or there is more than $2,000 damage to the vehicle(s). 

If the vehicle is drivable and information has been exchanged in a property damage-only collision, you may attend the detachment to report. You do not need to call police. 

Items to bring when you attend to report: 

 • Driver’s licence, registration and insurance of vehicle involved in the collision  

• Two good photos of the damage, a photo of the door VIN number and a photo of the rear licence plate. 

The driver of the vehicle has to make the statement. Report the collision within two weeks. A file number and damage sticker may not be issued after this time. 

Any collision that happened in Alberta outside of a major centre can be reported at your nearest RCMP detachment. If the collision happened in Calgary, the collision must be reported in Calgary.