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Scammer fails to fool employee in Diamond Valley

Caller tries to convince employee they are one of the owners and need all the cash in the register delivered by Uber.

Turner Valley RCMP is warning business owners about a telephone scam that targeted a Diamond Valley business earlier this month. 

According to police, an employee working at a business in Diamond Valley received a telephone call from an unknown individual. The caller had enough knowledge of the business they were able to convince the employee they were one of the owners. 

The caller directed the employee to count all of the cash in the register and look for any additional funds that might have been set aside by the legitimate owner of the business. The employee was then instructed to close the business, take all of the cash from the register, hire an Uber and take the money to a secondary location. 

The employee eventually became suspicious and terminated the call. 

Const. Devan Skolski said he is spreading the word about the unsuccessful scam attempt to raise awareness and encourage employee education to prevent any similar occurrences in the future. 

“What is particularly troubling is the fact that the perpetrator had sufficient knowledge of the business that the employee very nearly followed through with their instructions,” Skolski said.