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Studio 1 Spa Services: “The More You Know the More You’ll Glow!”

In today's busy world, it's important to take time for oneself to achieve a balance of health on the surface as well as internal well-being.

For those who enjoy being pampered but also care about natural options, Studio 1 Spa Services in Okotoks has been offering natural spa services since 2001. The studio, which is owned and operated by Certified Esthetician, Electrologist, & Professional Skincare Formulator, Erica Cydeyko, provides a variety of luxury spa treatments, including microscopic electrolysis, microbiome facials, and their signature PIPER LILY™ Skincare facial massage.

PIPER LILY™ Skincare is based on an act of love. Over a decade ago, Erica's compassionate nature led her to rescue a beagle dog after she discovered the unfortunate truth about their use in cosmetic lab testing. This eye-opening experience ignited Erica's passion to explore cruelty-free and clean skincare alternatives, prompting her to enroll in classes on DIY skincare. After becoming a mother and creating clean baby products for her child, Erica's desire to assist others grew stronger, motivating her to develop stable, professional, and safe skincare products. To advance her knowledge and skills in this field, she pursued a diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation from a reputable institution in the EU since their industry standards are more strict than North America. She is gearing up to launch her natural clean skincare line, PIPER LILY™, to the market; currently, clients can only experience it exclusively at Studio 1 and select health providers.

Erica says of PIPER LILY™, “Our philosophy is rethinking skincare as a transformative self-love experience that bridges the realms of nature, science, and holistic wellness.”

She explains, “Our artesian PhytoMineral Concentrate in each bottle is a powerful synergistic blend of high-performance active botanicals, ancient herbal knowledge, and modern scientific research infused in a time-sensitive process that harnesses the energy of nature for healthy, rejuvenated, radiant skin. “

Studio 1 is also known for its microbiome facials.

“Did you know that our skin is like a thriving city of microorganisms? It's home to a variety of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which might not sound like the most glamorous party, but these little guys are essential to maintaining the health and happiness of our skin,” explains Erica.

“The skin microbiome functions like the ultimate bouncer, preventing harmful germs from entering and regulating our immune system to prevent common skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis,” she continues. “When the balance is disrupted, this leads to unwanted skin problems.”

She recommends treating your skin with care by avoiding harsh chemicals, moisturizing, and not over-treating (which strips the skin of healthy microbes). Other factors, such as clean eating, regular exercise, spending time in nature, and including prebiotics and postbiotics in skincare also help the microbiome.

Studio 1 has a unique device called My Skin Diagnosis that measures seven essential parameters for a complete analysis of the skin, including skin type, hydration, pore size, acne bacteria, wrinkles, pigmentation, and keratin, so you can see exactly how to nourish your own skin.

For those looking to feel more confident through safe and effective permanent hair removal, Studio 1 is pleased to offer microscopic electrolysis. Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is permanent on all hair and skin types and colours including grey and blonde hair.

To achieve permanent results, a sterile disposable filament is carefully inserted into each hair follicle without puncturing the skin. The hair cells control the growth of hair, and when a small amount of controlled electrical energy is discharged to the follicle, it destroys the hair's regenerative cells. Sterile forceps are then used to painlessly remove the treated hair, and when the follicle's regenerative cells are completely destroyed, it cannot produce another unwanted hair. 

Studio 1’s microscopic electrolysis uses a Zeiss surgical microscope with higher magnification that helps with accuracy and visibility. The use of the microscope elevates Erica’s practice, as not all electrologists use this method. She is a member of COPE national and uses an autoclave sterilizer for all implements even though these are not mandatory in the industry.

With 16 Western Wheel Reader’s Choice Awards for best esthetics/skin care, Studio 1 is a trusted name in the industry; so, feel good inside and out today! Contact Studio 1 about their award winning services that will have you looking and feeling your best all day, every day. The brand is also active on Facebook and Instagram.